Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tuesday March 31

Breakfast was a cereal bowl containing Abundance cereal, Fiber One yogurt, a banana, pecans, and a sprinle of granola with a mug of Green Tea.
Snack of an orange.
More snacking, a couple strawberries.
For lunch I had a sandwich with a Lentil burger (homemade), Avocado, tomato, and soy cheese on a whole wheat bagel. I also had a small can of low sodium v8. (Monday's lunch was so nice, I had it twice.)While hanging around the office I made some Apple Cinnamon tea.
And had a yoplait yogurt out of the fridge at work - it wasn't mine but it's been in there for a month, so I considered it fair game.
Dinner was a bowl of homemade soup and whole grain bread spread with laughing cow cheese. And one chocolate chip cookie.........
.... turned into two. (They were the last ones in the jar, I couldn't leave just one all by himself!)

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