Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm back!!

I've come back from Sunny Florida to overcast, muggy Michigan. Remind me why again?!?
Very good vacation - here's a quick recap:
I ate some really good salads - and drank wine in the afternoon.
Pretty Palm Trees!!!!
Pretty Penny Puppy. Awww.
I wore very large glasses.Sweet Tomatoes - A salad bar type restaraunt. I want one in Michigan!!My cousin Josh (left) and his friend Chris. We played some beer pong to celebrate Josh's new apartment.Cereal/Granola/Yogurt/Nut/Peanut Butter/YUM mix. Breakfast was usually eatten outside in the warm sunshine of Orlando, Florida.Here is where I hung out a lot of the time - swinging and reading.Went to a place called "Cracker Cafe" - they had a salad named after me!It did not dissapoint!
I maybe indulged a little too bit at times......Pretty gardens in St. Augestine. And of course my wonderful family that we stayed with all week (cousin Ryan, Aunt Erma, and Uncle Rob).Me and my dad - enjoying our second to last day there. This was at the Cheesecake Factory.
Dont know how soon I'll get back to regular posting - but rest assured that I am back, safe and sound at home!!


Sharon said...

HELLO!!! LOL. Oh wow, tasty tasty eats! Hahaha, wicked coolness with the salad! And mmm ICE CREAM!!!!

Maris said...

I'm just getting around to this post and it looks like you had one awesome vacation! I could use some beach + sunshine right about now!