Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday April 7

Why can't I seem to stop eating candy?? lol.

I woke up tired, and it took a lil bit to get me going, but I did some yoga/stretching before making myself a bowl of oats. I'm usually more of a bagel & PB type girl, but seeing all these beatiful bowls of oatmeal concoctions on blogs got me wanting to create one of my own. This is oats, light vanilla soymlik, half of a chopped apple, and some raisins microwaved with some cinnamon. I sprinkled some toasted walnuts over the top and had some more vanilla soy milk and coffee on the side. I showered, ran some errands, and then arrived at work. Once there, I had a 'naner as a snack.
I'll never get tired of this lunch. Quinoa salad with broccoli, carrots, lentils, almonds, and a toasted sesame dressing.
Chocolate monster knocked, I answered with a square of Dove Dark Chocolate.
Evening work was boring.... and slow....
Had some vanilla yogurt with soy nuts.
.... and then a mini twix bar.
More boring work... computer work...
Drove home. Microwaved more of my homemade vegetable soup and toasted up some whole grain bread. Spread with laughing cow light cheese. Ate this while watching baseball and flipping through Woman's Day magazine.

Waiting for an inning to be over before I could go brush my teeth, I mindlessly snacked on a KitKat. I don't usually like 'em, but they're sooooo good frozen.

I was able to stop there, even though I opened the freezer and looked at my frozen yogurt stash more than once....
I've been really tired lately, and it's either my body still fighting this cold, I've developed allergies, or else the excess amount of sugar that my body is not used to. At any rate, I've been getting my eight (often nine) hours of sleep in, and I plan to continue that tonight.
Of course... after Lost tonight! ^.^

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