Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday April 28

Breakfast was some green tea, pumpkin muffins & pumpkin butter, and some hardboiled eggs/eggwhites. Banana on the way to work.
My last day at work... and the sweet, kind, sTellaR people at my work got me a basket of goodies!!!
Detroit Tigers gear, Dark chocolate covered raisins, Dark chocolate peanut m&m's, Reese's, Dark chocolate covered Almonds... (Obviously they know what I like - dark chocolate and the Tigers!)

Strawberry Guava body spray & lotion, French Vanilla Party Light Candle, pretty picture frame, and a Chunky bar (peanuts + fruit + chocolate!). I'm reall going to miss those guys - and after today I feel so loved and apprecaited. My mom called the office to see how I was doing. It was a very emotional day for me, but I'm grateful for the experience I had working in that office and will carry the memories with me forever. *tear*
I ate my lunch in my car, even though it was a touch colder today than it has been. I needed to get outside. Green Giant veggie mix (snap peas, red peppers, roasted potatoes, rosemary butter sauce), whole wheat couscous, garbanzo beans, and goat cheese.
I also took a picture of me - because I was feeling extra geeky and photogenic.
Back in the office, I brewed up some Rooooobiosssss tea. (lol).
Dannon Yogurt with a slice of dried Kiwi. YaY dried kiwi!!! (Sorry - just randomly in a good mood.)
After work, Dave Jones and I watched the first inning of the Tigers/Yankees game. Yet another thing I'm going to miss about Schoolcraft - hearing about Dave's fantasy baseball team every day.
Home and dinner. Whole Wheat bagel with homemade 'hummus', veggies, and soy pepperjack cheese. I didn't have a tomato, and I needed something, so I added a few thin slices of apple. I wish I had added more - it definatly made this sandwich!!
I finished watching the Tigers game (GIANT disaster, my poor sister is at the game, she says she's about to start getting violent and punching people in the face) and now I'm just kind of hanging out at home.
I really need to start getting packing for Florida - two more days!! I've pretty much designated tomorrow as a 'get shit done' day. Jason's coming over around 6pm and we're heading downtown for the Tiger's game!! Ah, how I love Comerica. And my favorite 'lady' (Jason).
It's a little weird to not have a class/job to go to for a little over a week - I feel kind of wide open. But in a good way!! Kristy needs the time off for rest & relaxation.
Speaking of rest.......... I think I'm going to put myself to bed.

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Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, what a yummy day! I totally want that pumpkin muffin. :P