Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday April 9

I'm so excited! Tomorrow is opening day at Comerica Park! And okay, I don't have tickets to the game, and okay, the Tigers have not been doing so hot so far this season (today was just embarrassing, let's not talk about it). BUT - I'm going downtown with Nate and some other people and we are going to party like it's 1985! (The last year we won the world series - keep up, lol).

Today was a long day at school, so I got up, yoga, shower and then made breakfast. Thomas' Whole Wheat bagel with Justin's Honey PB, Apricot Jam, some banana slices, and sprinkled with flax seeds. That's a cup of green tea hanging out in the back ground. Went to class, learned lots, then headed straight to the office for work. And I'm not going to complain about work today - because yesterday I was informed that 'the student employee position is a temporary position, and it's to prepare me for the real world, and the staff think that I'm ready to move out there' and at the end of the semester (end of the month!) they're going to find a new student employee. Thus, I am out of a job. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet - look for a real job, or ask for more hours at Panera. Right now, I don't wanna think. All in due time, my friend.

Had an orange while working away....
For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with veggies, soy cheese, reduced fat miracle whip, spicy mustard on whole grain bread and some cukes.
I managed to keep my hand out of the candy drawer, which isn't always easy, and instead had some chammmmmomile tea. (I'm never sure how to spell that, lol). I love this tea bag - Shhhhh... You're feeling relaxed.
Mary bought me a cinnamon cranberry cookie, which I put away to save for dinner desert and satisfied my sweet tooth instead with some yoplait yogurt. Usually I'm against yoplait because of the HFCS, but all the new flavors interested me - and there was a sale. So these will be showing up from time to time.
Yum Pinappleygoodness...
Work was slow. (There I go with complaining...) The majority of the staff was on main campus for meetings, so I was alone in the office all day. I can't tell you how many times I refreshed my facebook page.... haha.
Drove home - and couldn't decide what to have for dinner. All I knew was I wanted EGGS. And somehow, this concoction came together:
I took a lil baby acorn squash, steamed it in the microwave, and then stuffed it with this healthy choice mediterranian orzo pasta:
Which was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I highly reccomend it and decided upon eating the first bite that I must go out and buy more - IMMEDIATLY.
Topped that with two 'fried' eggs (with lotsa pepper - just the way my Gramma used to like and just the way I have come to loooove).
I went grocery shopping, just kind of up and down the aisles in my pajamas, listening to my iPod. I can't even tell you what I bought - a bunch of snacky stuff. Crackers, yogurt, peanut butter, blahblahblah.
Once I got home, I decided chocolate was in order, but I didn't wanna sugar myself out before bed, so I had some sugar free hot chocolate.
(I know it's not Christmas - I just love this mug - Just the right size.)
Okay, now I REALLY need to go to bed.

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