Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday April 23

Today I am 23 1/4 Years old!!!!
I need to figure out how to make some of these pictures bigger....

Breakfast = Optimum Blueberry cereal, plain yogurt + homemade pumpkin butter, Pecan granola + extra pecans. AAAnnnndddd green tea.Class (one full class left!) then to work.
I ate my lunch in my car because it was such a prettypretty day outside - and I must say the lighting was much more favorable for pictures. My sandwich was very photogenic, lol. Wholewheat pita with sundried tomato hummus, garbanzo beans, cuke, tomato, carrots, lambs lettuce, and goat cheese.
Back to work... did work.... made a 'Holy Mackerel' sign for Doris after she fished some goldfish out of our 'pond'.

Green tea.
RubyRed Grapefruit. I wasn't hungry, just bored, and instead of going to the candy dish (see it there in the background?) I stole someone's yogurt.
After work I met up with my Mom, Aunt Sandy, and brother Erik at CiCi's pizza for my friend Tracy's Relay For Life Fundraiser event. I got to see her and chat for a little bit about this and that - we hardly ever get to see each other anymore!!
She's going into Nursing and is verrrry nervous. I'm thinking maybe after I finish my Medical Assiting program I'll go back for Nursing - it's good to have a friend that I know I can go to for advice!!

I wasn't too hungry seeing as how I just had my snacks right before I left work, but I was able to eat myself a pretty nice salad. Here it is with the vegggies, croutons, and Ceasar dressing. I ended up adding some plain pasta and then had a small cup of pasta salad. Kristy needs her carbs.
"Wait there's brownies?!"

It's not the prettiest picture ever, but it was major fudgy (just how I like it). Not a fan of the powdered sugar, and it coulda used nuts, but chocolate is chocolate. ^.^
Afterward, I chatted more with Tracy and then toddled over to the Bulk Foods store next door. I think I've found my new favorite store. Even though I was stomach-ache full (not sure why - I didn't really eat that much?) and at first I felt a little sick at the thought of more food, I eventually filled my arms with goodies.
These pictures do NOTHING justice - I'll try to find a way to make 'em bigger - but for now I need to find bed. I've got to be up vryvry early for a 6:30am-1:30pm Panera shift tomorrow.
Somewhere in there are dried strawberries, dried kiwi, dried mission figs, carob raisins, carob peanuts, yogurt raisins, and oat bran.

Okay kiddies - SLEEP!

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